Gaining credible, compelling publicity in print, electronic and broadcast media

Publicity is about captivating your target audience with credible, newsworthy insights relating to your products and services. Media Magenta’s strength lies in understanding both the needs of the consumer and the client. With hands-on journalistic and editorial experience, we know:

  • What press release headlines will grab an editor’s attention
  • How to write in the tone and style of different publications; tailoring press releases to individual editorial profiles
  • Who we are addressing; ensuring our content will catch their eye

Crafting press releases

With a degree in journalism and years of experience as a journalist and editor, we know how to construct a press release that will appeal to editors and get published. No editing or spell check required, just concise, creative copy that is tailored to its readers and your target market.

Sponsorships, Competitions, Giveaways

Media Magenta negotiates product sponsorships, competitions and giveaways in relevant publications aimed at gaining added value media exposure. By placing your product in your intended consumers’ hands, you secure peer recommendations and brand loyalty for the future.

Media Relations

Keeping in regular contact with editors, and delivering relevant news that is of interest to their specific readers, paves the way for consistent media exposure. We have forged close working relationships with many media professionals who rely on us to provide current, appropriate and newsworthy material and images.

Media monitoring

Results are what count in business and we make sure we know the volume of publicity our clients are achieving by using an accredited media-monitoring agency. We compile monthly reports specifying where, when and what media coverage has been published and the AVE (advertising value equivalent) of each clipping.

Some Of Our Work

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  • Sika lays the Foundation for Simba
  • Structural Strengthening
  • Sika attaains ISO 9001 certification in Gauteng
  • Eastgate mega mall gets a major makeover
  • Concrete Waterproofing - Sealing the Leaks
  • Restoring Ailing Durban apartment block
  • Sika makes children smile
  • Sika Products Ad
  • New self-healing crystalline admixture
  • Revitalising and ageing reservoir
  • Finishing products for precast wind farm