Internal Communications

Recognising your employees by putting them in the spotlight

Communication between management and employees is vital for the ongoing health and vitality of your business. From internal newsletters in print and electronic formats, to social media messaging, competitions, and performance incentives, Media Magenta will advise you on the most effective communication solutions for your organisation. 

Media Magenta provides full-service newsletter production – from conceptualisation, idea generation and design template to copywriting, editing, layout, and print or electronic distribution. 


One of the best ways to recognise your employees’ efforts and achievements is to acknowledge them in a customised internal newsletter. Their peers will take note and they can take it home to show family and friends. Media Magenta will propose concepts that will resonate with your organisation’s corporate identity.

Idea Generation

We are ideas-driven and relish the challenge of generating inspiring ways to motivate your people through different communication channels.

Design and Layout

Our experienced graphic designers will translate your vision into a print or electronic tool that will attract your target audience’s attention.

Copywriting and Editing

After agreeing on the content, we interview significant people, research relevant topics, and create a short, sharp, stimulating read that will motivate and inspire your employees.


Media Magenta contracts competitively priced, reliable printers who produce quality-finished materials.

Some Of Our Work

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  • Rewardsco Newsletter - In the Pipeline June 2014
  • Rewardsco Newsletter - In the Pipeline Dec 2013
  • Rewardsco Newsletter - In the Pipeline Feb 2014